The Thirst for a Change in Water Fountains


Middle School Water Purifiers

By Katelynn Kilker


The results are in, and Weld Central High School students clearly want better drinking water, preferably via fresh water dispensers at a few of the fountains.

Here in Keenesburg, there are a lot of natural contaminants in the water. These can be filtered out,  but the taste is still not quite right. At the Middle school,  dispensers were recently put in place at every water fountain with fresh cold and hot water.


High School Fountains

These new dispensers are motion activated, and can sense when a water bottle is beside it. The newer fountains are efficient, attractive, and filter the water much better than our current system.


Students at the high school would  prefer the same quality of water as their younger counterparts. Is there a way to help change the way our district distributes water that can satisfy all of our thirst?

Featured Image: By jasongillman [Public Domain] via Pixabay

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