Hurricane Matthew

By  Mo Castaneda & Alli Daniel

Hurricane Matthew is one of the biggest natural disasters in the world right now. According to UNICEF USA, this hurricane is the first Category 5 hurricane to hit the Atlantic since 2007. On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti. Haiti is currently going through a major outbreak of cholera, which is a potentially fatal bacterial disease of the small intestine caused by contaminated water. The hurricane has already taken the lives of over 1,000 in Haiti, and this number will continue to rise from the combination of the cholera outbreak and the hurricane.

hurricane_matthewHurricane Matthew is also impacting the United States. Thousands of citizens of the east coast have been evacuated in preparation of the storm. The hurricane has destroyed countless homes and buildings. The estimated total damage cost could be in the tens of billions of dollars according to Mark Zandi, Chief Economist of Moody’s Analytics. At least 34 lives have been taken in the United States from this hurricane so far. The Red Cross and other international humanitarian organizations are continuing to provide aid to the victims of this disaster. The Rebel Times asks that we keep Haiti and parts of the U.S. in your thoughts as they come back from this disaster!  


Photos: By National Weather Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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