What Grinds My Tractor: Politics

By Robert Dennis

You know what really grinds my tractor? When people follow the trends of their parents, and not looking into the facts of their political choices. Something that has become very relevant to me is the unfortunate fact of people following other people – because that’s what everyone else is saying or doing. People constantly state unsubstantiated opinion. They claim Donald Trump is racist or he isn’t fit for presidency, and when asked why they believe this, they have no true answers. They either can’t answer, or they just say the tidbits that they hear from their parents or election ads. Same goes with Hillary Clinton, and her email and Benghazi scandals.

We as students need to stay more informed. Instead of saying something or someone is terrible, while knowing only a minimal amount of information, study your opinion to become informed. We need to stop letting the media control what we believe. Many people, including students, only believe what the media says is true. We as a country need to stay informed, and find out information for ourselves, instead of jumping on the bandwagon. Find out what is true for yourself, and don’t base it off what the media or the people around you say. This is what Grinds My Tractor.


Feature Photo: Pexels.com

“Republican Elephant and Democratic Donkey – Icons” by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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