Dance Dance at Weld Central

By Lance Post

This year’s Weld Central homecoming was a blast if you got to go. There was water for (almost) everyone, along with some popcorn, goldfish, and other snacks. If those weren’t for you, there were awesome songs to listen to as you danced the night away. The DJ played a fair mix of slow dance songs and group/party dances such as the Cupid Shuffle by Cupid and Wobble by V.I.C.  For the 2 years I have gone to Homecoming, this year was the best year for participation and dancing. Almost everyone spent time on the dance floor, with only a small percentage of the people choosing to sit down. Those who did choose to relax still had a great time, talking and laughing with friends.

The dance was great all around. There were refreshments for the entire dance. The decorations this year was spectacular and felt like a Rio themed dance. This created a great vibe for the dancing and non-dancing attendees. Overall this year’s Homecoming dance was splendid, and for those who didn’t get the chance or didn’t want to go, you got to go. The Rebel Times thinks you should go next year. It’ll be just as fun! If you don’t have a date go by yourself and hang out with your friends, and enjoy your night. For those who did, we hope you enjoyed your Night in Rio!

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