Continued Bad Luck for Boy’s Soccer

By Enrique Millan

When the Rebels began their homecoming game, they held 1-1 standing from their last two matches. Their first win of the season was against Estes Park, a 9-0 win to boost the Rebel morale.

Little did they (the Rebels) know they would be on the other side of victory a week later.

During the Estes game, Sergio Gonzalez and Jonathan Rodriguez both came out with a hat trick. The next three people to score were Salvador Cisneros, Jorge Simon Morales, and Enrique Millan. After the first win, it was time for league to start against Alameda. Despite their past success, the Rebels lost 9-2. The goals scored by the Rebels were by Sergio Gonzalez and David Melendez not enough to save the game.

The Rebels now had to be ready to play against Skyview in their second league game. It was the team’s homecoming game, and despite their best effort, Skyview won 9-0.

Coming into the game, Skyview’s leading scorer Bryan Vazquez came out with a hat trick and 2 assists. Brian Uribe helped with 2 goals and 2 assists. Jared Ramos with 2 goals and Fuad Elamo with 1 goal and 2 assists. On the Rebel side of the ball, Jesus Rodriguez took a shot from outside the eighteen-box hitting the top post and coming close to scoring before a close save by the Skyview goalie. The Rebels needed to win this game to improve their standings to 1-1 in league, but with the loss are now 0-2. The Rebels hope to switch that luck around going into the game against Fort Morgan on October 4, and the rest of their season.

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