Something Fishy

By Moraima Castaneda and Allison Daniel


(From Left) Josh Henry, Kera Davis-Manchette, Enoch Dyer, Aricka Lillie, Colleena Schmeer, Mr. Levine

Anyone who has ever had Mr. Levine as a teacher knows of his love for sharks. However, at the first glance in his room, you might not see a shark in sight, but don’t be fooled they are just stored in his cabinets- all two hundred of them! These include sharks of all sizes, Mr. Levine doesn’t discriminate. He did have them displayed all around his classroom but was sadly told to put them away due to fire codes. Though Mr. Levine’s classroom would not be Mr. Levine’s classroom without some public display of sharks, so luckily he has a row of sharks that align the top of his board still.


A “Jaw”-some Senior Prank

A good number of sharks that he has accumulated have been kind donations from his Senior Matchwitz students from the 2015-2016 school year. During the end of the school year, Mr. Levine’s Matchwitz prodigies had a very jaw-some idea for a senior prank. They were aware of Mr. Levine’s love for the underwater mammal, so they blew up enough shark pool toys to fill every seat in his classroom. They did this at home and transported the blown up sharks in their cars. This will be a shark story to remember, it’s be a joke that will never be topped.



Mr. Levine teaches his “school” of sharks


Featured Image: “Great White Shark South Africa” by Hermanus Backpackers is licensed by CC BY 2.0





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