Pep Band and Past Seniors

By Krys Manchette

On September 9, the Pep Band invited the graduated class of 2016 to return for a night of fun and memories at the home football game vs. Skyview High School.  

Not only did the regular Pep Band members attend, many graduates showed up to enjoy the night as well.

When asked about coming back, Kera Davis replied, “I missed coming to the games and playing with all of my old friends. I almost wish I would’ve brought my trombone, I still remember all of the songs.” She is taking a year off and is taking on a tattoo artist apprenticeship.

When asked about the seniors’ return, Nathan Sharp (10th Grade), stated, “It was really nice to see them come back for a night. It was like all of the pep band games last year.”

“Being up in Greeley changes things. It’s so populated, and you don’t really get to know anyone. With Weld, you got to know everyone since everyone was always involved with something,” Jaecob Gnadt stated. He is a freshman at UNC, majoring in Music Arts.

Weld Central won that night, 21-18 with the sound of Rebel Alumni cheering for the team after every successful play, as they relived their High School days, if only for one night. 


Photographer: Jessica Crooks

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