What Grinds My Tractor: Student Time

By Robert Dennis

You know what really grinds my tractor? When your parents expect you to have and maintain good grades, a massive social life, and participate in a bunch of sports/activities. It’s almost impossible! Because school gets out at 3:20, and the average practice lasts to 6 o’clock or 6:30, students may not get home until 7 o’clock. This leaves them three hours (since we are told to get 8 hours of sleep a night) to eat, shower, and complete the stack of homework each student receives in each class, each night. This is extremely impractical, and doesn’t stop to consider morning practices, and clubs that make you stay longer, which also take up valuable student time. Students are over-stimulated, and quite often, over-stressed, because we are pressured into all of these things by our guardians and mentors.

We, as the students, need to make our parents and teachers aware of the stress that is being put on us. Donald Grosshans confesses that on average, he gets only six hours of sleep at night. “My lack of sleep is due to football, and two hours of homework every night, along with spending time with my friends.” This is asinine to me. We need to be able to function correctly. Not to mention, I know there is going be someone who says “why doesn’t he not hangout with his friends?” Social interactions is something we as humans need! Communication and social structure help to build us into people and develop the skills necessary to thrive in the world. While each of these tasks is important, we as students need to find a happy median to them all instead of getting everything crammed down our throats. That’s what Grinds My Tractor.


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