Visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo

In your travels, you are not as likely to find many types of zoos. Large and small, each have their own appeal. The former, like our own Wild Animal Sanctuary outside Keenesburg, is small and intimate. However, it is always interesting to visit a larger zoo, such as the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska.

ape-berber-monkeys-mammal-affchen-50988The Henry Doorly zoo is truly unique, and one of the best to visit. Not only does it have hundreds of animals from all parts of the world, but also many other exciting experiences. Some of these include the aquarium, the garden pavilion, and a chair based zip line “Skyfari” through certain pavilions. As a participant in this adventure, I can attest that it is both a scary and exhilarating experience.

On your visit, be sure to check out animal exhibits such as that of the giraffes (whom you can also see on a Skyfari.) Another area of interest is the desert animal exhibit, set high in a set of sand cliffs away from the rest of the Zoo. The Zoo has also added a big cat complex, and with the world’s largest indoor rainforests for their tropical creatures.

lion-animal-predator-big-cat-40803.jpgAfter your visit, you may want to take a part of the Henry Doorly Zoo home with you. Luckily, they have several shops with animal and zoo themed merchandise, everything from cups to key chains. There is food and drink galore at these shops and throughout the zoo, with themes based on the surrounding exhibits.

At the Henry Doorly Zoo, you are sure for a treat whether you want to see savannah or forest, aquarium or grassland (and much more.) To plan your visit to the Zoo, visit to learn more!


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