TV Show Review: Preacher

By Bryson Clark

Over the summer, the AMC Television network debuted a new comic book based show. Preacher begins on a strange note, throwing the audience into the world where preacher Jesse Custard gets the power to control people by commanding them to do his will. Accompanied by a woman named Tulip and a 119-year-old Irish vampire, Custard is chased by the police, and shoots a helicopter down with a rocket launcher made of art supplies.

With that line up of main characters and scenes, you might say the show is ridiculous, but here’s why it’s ridiculously good. The show creators began this show cleverly, by confusing the audience from the jump, and instilling in them a desire to understand what exactly is happening.

preacher_season_1_poster_-_the_beginning_is_nighPreacher explains nothing at the start, but instead chose to divulge certain key points as the season goes on. Not all is revealed at the end of the first season, but just enough to intrigue the viewer enough to wait for season two. This type of show draws people to it like flies, as they try to understand what is going on.

The fight scenes are some of the best on TV. The main character, Jesse Preacher, is so adept at fighting that he is able to take on 7 armed men with only his wits, and send them running after taking every single gun they had. Each character has amazing development throughout the story.

Honestly, Preacher is one of the best shows you will ever see. There wasn’t a moment where I looked away from the screen while watching this AMC masterpiece. I strongly recommend watching it, if you haven’t already. If you have, leave your own comments below about AMC’s latest triumph, Preacher.


Photos: Official Poster Copyright 2016 AMC Television

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