New Year, New Teachers Part Two

By Haylee Christner and Estefany Mendoza


Kristen Mutter: Science

Ms. Mutter was searching online when she noticed a job for a small town school, our very own Weld Central. She decided to apply, as it reminds her of her own small town home in Georgia. Still a fairly new teacher here, she was optimistic about the school and students. Ms. Mutter enjoys the similarity of this school to her own high school environment, as well as the staff and students who truly create the positive environment of the school.


ms ingram_edited.jpg

Alicia Ingram: Social Studies


Mrs. Ingram decided upon applying at Weld Central to “make a difference [in our community]”. The beautiful landscape around our school greatly interested her as well. As our new cheerleading coach, she brings passion and enjoyment to this position as well as to her teaching. Compared to past schools Mrs. Ingram has been to, she feels the “unified students [at Weld Central have much greater] respect for teachers.” Great job Rebels!



Stephen Meyer: Yearbook

Mr. Meyer expressed that he loves Weld Central, despite the health condition that makes teaching difficult. However, he was quick to address one thing he would change about our establishment – The Rebel logo. He explained, “It looks like a southern plantation owner [would have it]’’. After a quick laugh, he then explained that he would like to alter the logo to better fit our community. His love for art and nature is what drew him initially to apply for the job at Weld Central, and that will hopefully keep him here for years to come.



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