Movie Review: Suicide Squad

By Bryson Clark

Even after the disappointment of the premiere of Batman vs. Superman, fans still had hope for a hit with DC’s Suicide Squad. In it, it is revealed that since the believed death of Superman in Batman vs. Superman, the United States government found itself in need of a team of gifted people to defend it during a crisis. Instead of searching for typical heroes, who may not follow morally ambiguous orders when necessary, they instead find a group of criminals with nothing to lose. The criminal team also includes Deadshot, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, and a Japanese hero named Katana. Each character has their own backstory to motivate their participation in the initiative.

suicide_squad_film_posterSounds awesome, right? Sadly it was not, and took the same route of disappointment as Batman vs. Superman. The character set up was poorly executed, as an agent explains each backstory, instead of allowing it to develop naturally. Even Katana, a later addition, simply showed up with no explanation of her motives and position other than “that’s Katana,” This rushed beginning is the movie’s main down fall.

When the movies first trailer was released, the fans went nuts over the fact that the Joker was going to be in the movie. However, when the movie came out, the Joker was just a small, background character to provide Harley Quinn with a love interest. Jared Leto, the actor behind the clown prince of crime, was very displeased with how the movie ended up. On his Twitter, he claims to be tricked by DC, explaining that the studio had filmed many scenes of him with the plan to make a stand-alone Joker movie. DC had the movie planned out, but changed much of the premise a few months before release. To do this, they had to entirely change the final fight scene, and therefore, the entire movie.

Although the movie has its issues, it was still fun to watch the main characters Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and El Diablo receive a version of their happy ending. Captain Boomerang and the Killer Croc served as comic relief to the film, but this was done fairly well. While the backstory could have been introduced in a different way, and the Joker could have had a larger role, it was still entertaining. Unfortunately, the movie seemed more like a setup for a new Justice League movie, than the stand-alone action movie viewers believed it to be. For these reasons and many more, reviews of Suicide Squad were greatly mixed across the Weld Central community.

A substitute teacher told me “I watched it and it was boring. It was just nothing exciting in the movie.”

A sophomore expressed, “I loved it! It makes me so excited for the DC universe.”

A junior stated, “I think the Joker should have been in there more, but I liked it.”

A freshman confessed, “I had a hard time staying awake honestly.”

And finally, a senior believed “it should have been more than what it was.”

Photos: Official Poster Copyright 2016 Warner Bros Pictures

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