Grillin’ and Chillin’ With the FFA

By Enrique Millan


Sponsor Mr. Lotspeich

Every year, FFA kicks off the year with their annual barbecue, held this year on September 14. The reason for this barbecue is to bring students and community together for food, socializing and the sport of dodge ball. FFA students love being part of this event, because it starts the year off in a good note. The community also loves it, because who doesn’t love free food? Sponsor Mr. Lotspeich explained, “I’m ready and so is everyone else [for the barbeque].” As in the past years, the event was held in the cafeteria. The food included Bison Burgers donated to the FFA by a local establishment, making them even more special. With the burgers, they served the traditional picnic fare of baked beans, potato salad, and peaches. Attendees topped off the meal with a delicious dessert of chocolate cake.


Mrs. Wright

However, before anyone could enjoy, the Future Farmers of America had to prepare the event. Members came a couple hours early to help. With large numbers of volunteers, time and preparations flew by fast, and 6:00 pm came along. It was time to give out food to the appreciative community. After the meal, it was time to congregate in the gym for a game of dodge ball!


Vice President Camryn Dwyer (left), and Secretary Michaela Specht (right)

Camryn Dwyer, vice president of FFA, commented, “The barbeque was a success, everyone left with a smile on their face.” This accomplishment was great, because it meant more than passing out a few burgers. FFA builds the agricultural youth community, which came together at this event to support the organization right back. FFA helps students for the future, as one huge step in agricultural education. Mrs. Wright hopes that her students earn scholarships and the opportunity to travel to many different places. Secretary Michaela Specht is a senior this year, and anticipates for a great last year with FFA, and beyond. Specht professes, “I believe in the future of agriculture.” With a student body, and community as united as those attending the barbeque, the future of agriculture looks bright indeed.


Photographer: Karina Calderon

Featured Photo Courtesy of: <a href=””>WorldArtsMe</a&gt;

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