Games and Codes: Weld Central’s Video Game Club

By Lance Post


Mr. Levine

For the past two years, Mr. Levine has lead a club for gamers and programmers alike: The Video Game Club. What exactly does one do in this club? You play video games! However, the real fun of the club comes when they create their bi-annual video games, for the TSA competition and the joy of creation. Learn to code your own video game from scratch, and test it with your fellow players. From there, constant improvements and changes are made to create a truly unique and quality product. If the idea of coding is intimidating, it shouldn’t be. Mr. Levine uses practices as a teaching experience, where expert and amateur alike can further their skills. He, and the other club members are more than willing to help anyone interested learning how to program.

IMG_20161026_153733.jpgMr. Levine and the Members try to develop one to two quality games each school year. With their first year came the debut of Galahad, a space game where your triangular ship shoots asteroids and opposing aliens as you travel through space. It is an extremely fun and addicting game, but just one game from their impressive collection. As the years go by, who knows how many games they’ll create? If you’re interested in creating and playing video games, visit Zach Levine in the 200 hall for more information. If you’re lucky, you could even become the tester!

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Photographer: Kate Powell

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