Drama, Drama in Rebel County

By Lance Post

Drama, Drama. Drama is good! Drama is an exciting thing to be a part of. Not Drama like the social problems we all face, but instead the plays our talented Drama club puts on every year. It is exciting to be a part of these productions, by acting, or equally as important, being a part of the tech crew. “Techy’s” are the night stalkers of the play – they make all the sets, blood, backgrounds, and effects for the stage that dazzle the audience. If you would rather act and didn’t know about Drama Club until now, it’s not too late! Consider joining the drama community now, to help get ready for the next round of auditions for The Great Gatsby.


Drama Club Sponsor, Ms. Rhodebeck

The Drama club is hard at work practicing their first play: The Nerd. The debut performance is on November 3rd, with two more shows on the 4th and 5th. Keep an ear out for the announcement, and make sure to see it. Not only will it be a great play, but you can also take your chance to support these dedicated thespians. Their next play is The Great Gatsby. The Drama club is certain to do an amazing job, especially if students like you come out to help! Until then, keep November 3, 4, and 5th open to go see The Nerd.


Photographer: Lance Post

Featured Image by pexels.com

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