Coming Home for Homecoming

By Kate Powell

As a new school year begins, student focus turns with both dread and anticipation to one thing – homecoming. From organizing dates to finding the perfect ensemble, planning begins early for the first dance of the year. Even as we students plan for the dance, Student Council (lead by Lori Devoe, Missy Jones and Adrian Maltos) leaps into action, preparing to deliver a night to remember. The theme for this year, after much deliberation, is A Night in Rio. Expect to see feathers and finery at the big event on October 1.

However, even before the big event, the school rallies to gain spirit and excitement for the big event. Homecoming is one of Weld Central’s lauded traditions, challenging students to dress up, and pitting class against class. Each day, participating students are tallied, and their participation gains points for their class. Classes also gain points for competition and victory in the Powder Puff/Peach Fuzz games, held this year on Wednesday, September 28. Scores are posted on Main Street, giving the winning class the pride of victory. The week begins with Mix-and-Match Monday. Expect to see stripes with spots, and participants pairing clashing clothes with no regard to fashion. This chaos transitions into history for decades Tuesday, where you can be from any time as long as it’s not this one. Wednesday follows with the time-honored tradition of class color day, and the ensuing Powder Puff/ Peach Fuzz games. Genders defy stereotypes, and branch out, with young men attempting volleyball and the ladies tackling football.

Each of these days has the same aim: to prepare for the homecoming game and dance. The anticipation culminated Friday at 7, when our Rebel Football Team takes on 2-1 Valley at 7. Following their victory (fingers crossed!) and the announcement of homecoming royalty, preparations shall begin for the first dance of the year. As the date gets closer and closer, A Night In Rio feels even more like coming home.


Spirit Week Dress Up Days

Photographer: Keith Yorgenson

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