To Tree or not to Tree

By: Matthew Sims

Here at Weld Central, students often refer to our school as a school in the middle of a corn field. Almost three and a half miles out of Keenesburg, we can honestly say this school is out in the middle of nowhere. Whoever decided to break ground where this school now stands must have been inspired by the movie, Field of Dreams, and the famous line, “Build it, and they will come.” The high school and middle school hold plenty of stories and history from the years that have gone by. One thing that they don’t hold, however, is plant life.

img_2082_editedComing to this school every day, one can’t help but notice that the school just doesn’t look “colorful” enough. The area surrounding the school is beautiful only part of the year, when the plants around the area are green and in full bloom. During the rest of the year after fall starts, there just doesn’t seem to be a glowing atmosphere. The colors are gone!

It’s hard being a student at such an eye catching school without wanting to make this place even more beautiful. I’ve proposed an idea to plant more trees and flowers around the building. When asked whether he agrees with planting more or not, senior Jon Lindstrom commented, “I would like to see more [plant life] around our building. It’ll be better for the environment, and make our school stand out a little more. The student parking lot would look great with more plants or trees,”

Just last spring there was a small tree planted outside of the library. “The blue spruce was planted in late May and the idea of planting the tree was actually suggested by a student,” states Mrs. Amen, our school librarian. Enoch Dyer suggested that we plant a blue spruce in honor of the annual blue spruce reading contest. “The tree can be up to twenty feet tall, and with its location, it should grow very well. It’s right next to the sprinkler system, and the sun shines down on it almost all day,” said Mrs. Amen. The Blue Spruce Contest is a contest that runs every fall between the high school and the middle school, testing who can read the most books. This year, the contest will run between September 15th through the 15th of December.

tree-picture-2_edited1During the hot summer months, many driving students can agree that the parking lots make our cars simply unbearable. The cars just turn into an incubator during the day, and as soon as we get in them to head home, we feel like we were just put into an oven at 350 degrees. This comes from the lack of shade in our student and staff parking lots. “It’s always hot. 90% of the days I go back to my car after school, it’s just hot,” said Mrs. Devoe on the hot parking lots. “Some more flowers would be nice around the main entrances if they are upkept. We can’t have all the colors and life around our school if they aren’t being maintained.” When asked about how to get more plant life around our school she responded, “We should get a club sponsor, or even turn it into a year long senior project,”

First impressions are everything when it comes to a school, and it should be a goal of ours to make a great first impression for visiting schools or people coming for the first time. “I’ve always thought this was a beautiful school since the first time I saw it. When I coached basketball at Brush High School, Weld Central was in our league. Every time we got to the school, I always said it was a beautiful school,” stated principal Dan Kennedy. “If we get donations or talk to a committee,” he would support the planting of more trees and flowers around our school. “The only downside of having more plants would be maintaining them,”

It wouldn’t hurt to have more plant life around our school. How can we just let our school slowly become more and more unbearable? We should take a stand and make it a place we can all stand.

Photos by Gage Hesse and Matthew Sims


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