Getting the Drum Rolling

By Bryson Clark

For the first time in years, Weld Central High school pep band has a drumline. With this new addition, you can expect the band to be louder than ever at the varsity img_0063football, volleyball, and basketball games this year. The drumline consists of the entire percussion section — a total of 7 students. What makes this sections line up unique from the rest of the band, is that none of the players are upperclassmen. The percussion section leader, Ethan Fabiano, is the oldest out of the group, in his sophomore year.

Ethan confessed, “It’s weird being the only sophomore in a group of freshmen, but they listen to me, so it’s cool,” When asked what it’s like being a part of the drum line, Fabiano explained, “I enjoy it. It’s crazy how much of a response we got at the first game we played, and I love being a part of something that we haven’t had in the band in forever.” When asked later, the remaining members of the all agreed that it was weird that the group mostly consists of freshmen.

This drumline is a bigger deal to this school than we even realize. It’s been so long that retired staff member Jerry Shea couldn’t even remember the last time Weld Central had a drumline. This might just be the school’s very first drumline.jBand_edited.jpg

The response at the games for the drumline is great. Students said “the band is great this year,” and “the drum line is nice and loud for getting the players pumped.” The drumline is only improving more and more, so expect them to rock the house when you attend a Weld Central sports event.

Photo by Jessica Crooks and Kate Powell

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  1. Ethan aunt Erin is super proud if you!! You have always ROCKED!!

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