Dance Team

November 17, 2017 • Uncategorized

Everyone knows our beloved dancers at Weld Central that entertain and keep us awake during boring half times. What you don’t know is the behind the scenes of the Dance Team life. A lot goes on in the Dance Team, including competition and the excitement of getting a dance done on time and the rush… Read More ›

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Winter Fashion


Winter Fashion What are the best type of clothes to wear in the winter? Winter in Colorado can get cold, and you want to stay warm and still look good while doing it. Staying fashionable can be a big part of some people’s lives and not others, but we got a little something for everybody… Read More ›

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Amberley Snyder: Beating the Odds


Amberley Snyder has an inspiring story of overcoming challenges and defying her odds and showing that anything is possible. Amberley is a girl who had found her passion for horses at a very young age. She started competing in rodeo and making it big.But an accident had occurred on January 10, 2010, Snyder was on… Read More ›

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